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About Të Dua Beauty™& its Founder

Të Dua, which means I Love You in the Albanian language, represents the spirit of the Të Dua Beauty™ brand where the love of makeup fosters a most exhilarating life through an artistry that evolves with you.  Founded by Rovena Barbuto in 2023, Të Due Beauty is devoted to developing quality cosmetic products for makeup and cosmetic lovers worldwide.


Rovena’s love affair with makeup began in Albania, her birth country, when she was a small child.  Rovena immigrated to Italy when she was 9 years old where her makeup proficiency expanded, creating an even deeper love for the art as she was exposed to a new market and the advent of social media.  After high school, Rovena worked in the fashion industry in Florence, Italy.


In 2014 Rovena met her American husband Anthony at Trattoria 13 Gobbi in Florence, Italy, and after hearing him recite a Petrarchan love sonnet from memory in the Italian language over a bottle of Sassicaia, Anthony swept her off her feet and the rest is history.  Rovena relocated to Palm Beach County, Florida a year later and in 2016 and 2018, gave birth to Leonardo and Sofia.  Rovena resides full time with her family in Florida, and part time in Tuscany.


Rovena’s love of makeup can most accurately be described as a healthy obsession.  Through the years she has spent tens of thousands of hours viewing makeup content on social media resulting in the enhancement of her knowledge, love and technique for makeup artistry and the makeup market.  Her passion coupled with her vast knowledge motivated Rovena to start the Të Dua Beauty makeup line, and she is now a cosmetic content creator where she regularly posts her own content about makeup, cosmetics, and fashion.

Rovena Barbuto holds lipstick


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